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You Can Either Pay Interest Or Earn Interest

Refinancing Can Be A Sound Financial Strategy For Many Reasons

We can show you how to end the cycle of debt by consolidating high-interest charges into one low-interest payment without changing your monthly income and still build wealth for your future.

If you are feeling frustrated and overwhelmed knowing it will take years to pay off high-interest debts - This information is for you!

With debt consolidation, the worry of payments, expenses and due dates can be put to rest and savings can take place.

One of the greatest motivations and benefits of refinancing is to lower the interest rate on your existing loans or high-interest debts and secure a low-interest rate with the equity in your home. 

  • Get rid of high-interest debt which is costing you thousands in interest charges

  • Apply the new monthly savings from consolidating debts and make extra payments towards your new mortgage balance each month paying off your mortgage sooner

  • ​Pay Less Towards Interest-Only Payments

  • Payout High-Interest Car Loans and Other Creditors Promptly

  • Protect Your Credit Rating​​​​

  • Improve your Current Financial Position

Perhaps you’re looking to tap into your home’s equity in order to finance an investment property or recreational property or planning renovations or remodelling your home.

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How our clients Save

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Monthly Bills had risen to a crippling $3520 per month

This was especially stressful for them and they were feeling very overwhelmed and extremely tired of the debt cycle. They were at their wit’s end and they knew that something had to change. 

They were desperately seeking a solution because they couldn’t make an impactful dent in their outstanding balances and owned up to the fact that they overspent and sometimes unexpected or unplanned events happens.

After reaching out to us and working through the simple process of an appraisal and gathering mortgage documents required, this family went from spending $3520 per month to SAVING $2675 per month with the goal of using this to pay extra payments on their new mortgage. 

The debt was no longer keeping them awake at night and has given them peace of mind. The ability to break high-interest payments and to arrange their finances to align with their long term goals along with making important life changes in their spending habits is allowing them to rebuild their finances.

If you feel it is worth a free consultation with us - to see what options are available for you - click on the image in this ad and set up a call to see how much you can be saving and paying down each month. 

Start making positive changes today!

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Professional and Trustworthy Service.

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